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London Photographer – Friendly and Talented Photographers available in London UK

We are a team of friendly photographers based in London, UK available for photoshoots and events. We absolutely love: couples photos, family portraits, individual shoots, surprise proposals, engagements, honeymoons and anniversaries.


Warm and gently encouraging personality. Portrait and wedding photographer. Loves photographing people at their best.


Very experienced professional photographer. Timeless style. Attention to details and love to pose her beautiful clients.


Probably the kindest vacation photographer in London. Her style is modern, authentic and loves spontaneity.


Popular and talented vacation photographer in London. Friendly personality and a unique eye when it comes to London landmarks.


The superstar of surprise proposals in London. Loves capturing the connection between a couple. Very friendly and open minded.


Founder of The Now Time. Award winning couples and events photographer based in Paris and available internationally.

This business is all about working with clients. Positive, professional, open. Perfect photographer to capture your best family moments.


Why Book a London Photographer from The Now Time

Welcome to The Now Time London photographer team! We are a team of professional photographers based in London, offering a broad range of services including vacation photography, surprise proposals, engagement sessions, family shoots, and individual portraits. Our approach to photography is unique, focusing on the following aspects:

  1. Expertise: We are professionals who understand the intricacies of light and the capability of our gear. We utilize this knowledge to produce images of the highest quality possible.
  2. Preparation: We meticulously prepare for each photoshoot, understanding our client’s expectations and providing feedback on attire, posing, and more, ensuring you arrive on the day of the session feeling confident and ready.
  3. Adaptability: During the photoshoot, we adapt our direction to suit our clients’ personalities. Whether you prefer a spontaneous approach or need a lot of guidance, we believe that communication is key to making you feel comfortable. And comfort leads to natural-looking pictures.
  4. Experience: The photoshoots we conduct as London photographer, are often referred to by our clients as “the highlight of their trip.” It’s not just about taking photos; it’s about discovering London in a unique way and creating memories that you will cherish forever.
  5. Creativity: We encourage each artist in our team to develop their own artistic vision, creativity, and style. This ensures that a happy artist will provide an amazing experience for their clients.

We invite you to book a photoshoot with a talented London photographer and experience London like never before. Capture your memories with The Now Time.