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A Typical Couple Photo Shooting in London by The Now Time

Why Book a London Couples Photoshoot

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London Can Be Romantic

A couple photoshoot in London is a great way of celebrating any landmark of your couple’s journey, offering you a one-of-a-kind experience, combining history, architecture, romantic ambiance and love.

Stylish couple kissing under a bridge overlooking Big Ben in London

Imagine strolling hand in hand along the Thames River, passing beneath the Tower Bridge or walking through the charming streets of Covent Garden while being photographed by a professional photographer, who’ll capture the true essence of your couple… during a fun photoshoot in London. Pictures are our ultimate reminders of the people, places and emotions we enjoy at any stage in our life. So there’s no need for particular reasons to celebrate the special moments of your life.

This was an amazing experience ! From scheduling, communicating, planning, and execution- it all surpassed my expectations.


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Types of London Couples Photography

No matter your reasons…

Here at The Now Time, we help you capture your love, at each stage of your relationship.  

Surprise Proposal Photos

Convincing your fiancé you’d love to say ‘Yes’ in London. Send him tips on hiring a proposal photographer in London.

Engagement Pictures

Celebrating a unique moment of your beautiful couple relationship with a London engagement photoshoot.

Maternity Photos

Highlighting an important milestone of your couple’s story.

Anniversary Pictures

Capture this special moment of your couple’s life in London.

Pre Wedding Photos

Making your wedding guests envious by showing them beautiful pictures from London. Explore the wonderful experience of a London pre wedding photoshoot.

Elopement Pictures

Getting spectacular images of your London elopement adventure.

Wedding Photos

Bringing London home in your wedding album.

Family Pictures

Stealing a kiss or two and posing as a couple during a family photoshoot in London.

Book a couple photo shoot in London UK
Casual and relaxed photo session in china town london


We’ll help you capture the essence of your relationship with a fun London couple photoshoot.

Life is now! Life is a Present!

Creative bridal photography in London

What is a Couple Photoshoot in London?

Full of iconic landmarks and beautiful scenery, London is the perfect backdrop for your special memories. A couple photoshoot in London is fun way of spending time with a couple photographer in London and creating memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. It’s a similar experience as a portrait session in London, just that this time you’ll not be solo.

Pose in front of Tower Bridge for example, for a classic London photo, or take a ride on the London Eye for stunning views of the city. 

Have your picture taken during the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, or visit Piccadilly Circus for fun and vibrant photos.

Or climb to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral for a panoramic view of the city and later wander around Oxford Street, enjoying the atmosphere while being photographed.

Young couple having fun during a pofessional photo session at Tower Bridge

Kate was fun, energetic, and brave and just a wonderful person to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend The Now Time to anyone.


London Couple Photography Prices

Our couples photography prices are based on hourly rates. Usually one hour allows you to cover one main photography location. Prices for 1 hour of couples photography in London start at $290. Check all photography packages.

Romantic couple having an intimate moment during photo session in London


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Select a Photographer

Check the portfolios of our professional photographers, select a package – consider your availability, how many outfits you’d like to try in which locations – then book the artist whose style you resonate with.

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Enjoy Your Couple Photoshoot

Our experienced photographers will transform your couple photoshoot into an incredibly fun experience. We are renowned for offering you great tips on how to pose, capturing your unique moments amazingly.

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Cherish Your London Photos

We can complementary create an amazing album with your couple photoshoot, reminding you of the unique moments you experienced in London.

Things to do for couples in London 2
Stylish indian couple posing for engagement pictures

How to Prepare for Your Couples Photo Shoot in London

What to Wear for Couples Photos in London

London is one of the most elegant cities in the world, both architecture wise as for the way people dress in the city. Therefore, we advise to plan for elegant outfits, regardless of the season that you are traveling to London. We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you choose the outfits for your upcoming couples photoshoot with The Now Time. Check out the what to wear to a photoshoot guide.

Should I Rent a Dress or Bring One With Me?

Depending on your reasons for celebration, you’d decide whether you need props and accessories and how you’d easily procure them. By the way, if you’d like to get a fabulous outfit for your couples photos in London, check out these recommendations of London dress rental places.

Do I Need Make-up and Hair for my Couples Pictures?

This is a very personal choice. If you’re already experienced in doing your own make-up and hair, then you should go ahead and prepare yourself. Otherwise, confidently hire a professional London beauty artist, to get you ready for your couples photoshoot. You’ll feel more confident for looking great in the images that we’ll create together.

Best Time of the Year to Take Couples Photos in London

By far the best time of the year to takes couples photos in London is Summer. This is largely due to the warm and pleasant weather. Next season we recommend would be Spring. Think of blooming flowers, cherry blossoms. It can also be rainy and fairly cold. Autumn is also beautiful, for the colors of the foliage in the gardens and parks. Weather can be beautiful. Now, if you ask: would you still recommend taking photos in Winter? The answer is yes. If you dress accordingly (think of coats, umbrellas if it rains), then London can be beautiful during the cold season, especially with the Christmas lights in the background.

London Couples Photographers – About The Now Time

Female Couples Photographers in London - The Now Time
Meet Frances, Ewa and Kate your female professional London couples photographers

We are London professional photographers, carefully selected and trained by award winning professional photographer Fran Boloni – The Paris Photographer, helping couples and families from everywhere enjoy the most iconic locations on the planet and build lifetime memories with amazing pictures from outstanding photoshoots.

We capture important moments of life, from wedding, pre-wedding shots, proposals, vow renewal, pregnancy, couple or family portraits.

What sets us apart is our unique approach, which involves creating a perfect atmosphere of relaxation and comfort for every photoshoot experience.

With a keen eye for details and offering expert posing guidance, we ensure that you’ll look natural, candid, flattering and authentic in every picture.

Male Couples Photographers in London - The Now Time 2
Meet Fernando, Tom and Fran your professional couples photographers in London

Tom was very very easy to work with. I had a plan and knew where and when I wanted the photos and then he was able to put his professional twist on it and it was lovely!


Real Couples Photoshoots – Real Love Stories

Couples photos at Big Ben

Couples photos at Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and more.

Couples photoshoot at London Eye

London Eye and Westminster Abbey couple photography.

St Dunstans couples photos 2

St Dunstans in the East and Tower Bridge couples photoshoot.

It’s our First Trip to London … Any tips?

London is truly an amazing city, but with so many things to do it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, we have a few recommendations.

First, check out these recommendations of experiences to try if you are traveling to London as a couple.

Then, we have prepared a list of romantic restaurants and restaurants with a view, so you can enjoy culinary experiences as lovers in London.

Furthermore, if you haven’t booked your accommodation, you might want to consider these hotels, whether you look for romantic or the view.



An elegant online gallery containing your edited photos will be delivered 5 days after your couples photoshoot.


99% of our clients are real couples and not models. Yet, all our photos reflect their true personalities. This is probably because of our friendly personality and natural approach to photograph happy people. Our POWER TIP for you would be to relax and focus on the experience of being in one of the coolest cities on the planet.

What is the best time of day for our photo shoot?

As the city is one of the most visited places in the world where the streets can get sometimes very crowded, besides having the best light of the day, early mornings or late afternoons are the ideal times of day for a couples photo shoot.


If you need to cancel your photoshoot, let us know 5 days in advance. This will allow you to get a refund of your retainer.


We highly recommended it. Professional hair and make-up can help enhance your looks. This will improve your confidence in front of the camera and will lead to beautiful photos. See our makeup artist recommendations for London.


Be prepared, bring an umbrella, embrace the rain. Pictures in the rain tend to be more romantic. If the weather is very bad, we can reschedule based on your and our availability.


In London, the city traffic can influence the late starting time. To expect, please allow enough time to arrive at the meeting spot with your professional photographer. In case you are late, we will not extend the photo shoot to recover the time lost because of late arrival. In any case, we would appreciate a text message or a phone call to let us know you’re late.

Frequently Asked Questions about Couple Photos in London
Bridal photos in London
Street photos of an elegantly dressed couple in Eaton Square London


After you decide, make your wish list, buy the tickets… and enjoy!

Life is now! Life is a Present!

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