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Where to propose in London

Rooftop proposal in London at The Dorchester

Before you start looking for where to propose in London, let us introduce you to this romantic city. If you ask chat gpt if London is romantic, it will say: “London, with its iconic landmarks, rich history, and vibrant culture, serves as a great backdrop for a romantic proposal. Whether you’d prefer a classic setting like Tower Bridge or the London Eye, or a more intimate rooftop location, the city offers an abundance of picturesque spots to mark this special moment.”

That being said, something tells me that you’re looking for practical information. Precise spots for a London proposal and maybe even professional help to make this happen in the smoothest and most romantic way.

Let’s get to it.

We can agree that the element of surprise has the potential to transform a marriage proposal into a story to be retold with joy and love for years to come. That should be your goal. That once the proposal accomplished, your fiancée (yes Sir!) will tell all her family and girlfriends how this big moment of your life is a couple unfolded. With London as your accomplice, such a moment can be an unforgettable chapter in your love story.

In this guide, you’ll discover some of the most interesting locations that set the stage for a perfect proposal in the heart of England. And what better way to immortalize this cherished memory than by hiring a professional photographer to capture every sincere moment? But enough about us, let’s talk about the best places to propose in London.

Where to propose in London - Surprise proposal tips from The Now Time

Where to propose in London – Public vs Private

First, get a sense of your girlfriend’s personality and who you are as a couple. This will help you determine, whether you should go with a marriage proposal in public or rather a private London proposal. In order to help you decide, we covered this topic in our comprehensive but straight-to-the-point London proposal guide.

Continue reading, we’ll cover first the public proposal spots, or the iconic landmarks and then we’ll share a few key private proposal ideas in London. These are mainly culinary experiences or using a romantic setup in a private rooftop setting, what’s also called a rooftop proposal London.

Where to Propose in London – Iconic Landmarks

1. Tower Bridge

most iconic proposal spot in London - tower bridge
young couple posing for engagement photos in front of tower bridge

With its intricate architecture and panoramic views of the Thames, Tower Bridge makes it a prime location for a proposal. Propose against the backdrop of the bridge’s majestic towers and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city skyline. To make the best out of your London engagement, check our fun guide about the perfect Tower Bridge proposal.

Best time of the day: Early morning to avoid the crowds.

2. The London Eye

Couple posing for photos in winter by the London Eye

Elevate your proposal to new heights aboard the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel offering panoramic views of London’s landmarks. With its slow rotation, you’ll have ample time to savor the moment while enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the city’s landmarks, creating an unforgettable memory. Or, use the London Eye as the background.

Best time to propose: early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral

Where to propose in London - Surprise proposal tips from The Now Time

The grandeur of St. Paul’s Cathedral, with its stunning dome and intricate architecture, provides an awe-inspiring setting for a proposal. The combination of architectural marvel and timeless beauty creates a moment of pure romance. Whispering your love under the Whispering Gallery’s acoustic wonders adds a touch of magic. See a real proposal at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

4. Kensington Gardens

Man on his knee proposing to his girlfriend in Kensington gardens in winter
Surprise marriage proposal in Kensington Gardens in the winter
Engaged couple posing for professional photos in kensington gardens

Stroll hand-in-hand through the picturesque Kensington Gardens, the favorite spot of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Find a remote spot amidst the lush greenery and lakeside views for an unforgettable Kensington proposal.

Best time to propose: anytime of the day, it’s a park it doesn’t get too crowded. It looks better in summer than in the colder months.

Before we jump into the next proposal spots in London. We wanted to attract your attention on eventually hiring vendors for your London engagement.

A London proposal planner for example can help you put together a romantic setup, fun activities for you as a couple, help you book a romantic dinner, etc

While a London proposal photographer can offer you images of your engagement that you’ll cherish forever. We both know girls love photos and there are chances your future fiancée might want to show your engagement pictures to everyone.

Hire a London proposal photographer

Now, let’s dive into the private proposal experiences and proposal locations in London.

Saying Yes in London during a Culinary Experience for Two

5. Riverside Dining at The OXO Tower Restaurant

Choose the OXO Tower Restaurant for a romantic meal by the river. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll have a front-row seat to the beauty of the Thames and the city lights, making it a perfect setting for a proposal.

6. Picnic in Hyde Park

Opt for a more intimate experience with a picnic in Hyde Park. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, you can share a meal and a moment that feels like it’s just the two of you in the heart of London.

7. Dinner Cruise on the Thames

Combine the charm of a river cruise with a gourmet meal for a truly memorable proposal experience. Glide along the Thames, taking in the city’s landmarks, while enjoying a delicious meal.

8. Hakkasan Hanway Place

Uplift your proposal with a touch of exoticism at Hakkasan Hanway Place, a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant. Propose amidst the opulent décor and indulge in exquisite Asian cuisine.

Where to propose in London - The Dorchester

Rooftop Proposal Spots in London – Declare Your Love With a View

9. Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street

The Sky Garden offers an unrivaled 360-degree view of London’s skyline. With lush greenery and a spectacular vantage point, it’s a setting that embodies the heights of romance for a proposal. You can get tickets online and you don’t need a restaurant reservation to propose, although, it might be more elegant.

10. Radio Rooftop Bar at ME London

Enjoy the chic ambiance of Radio Rooftop Bar, where you can toast to your future amidst the glittering lights of the city below. The sophisticated atmosphere and stunning vistas add a touch of glamor to your proposal.

11. Dinner at The Shard

Ascend to the top of The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, and propose amidst the stunning 360-degree views of London’s sprawling cityscape. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and set the stage for the moment you’ll engrave in your memories forever.

12. French Cuisine at Coq d’Argent

Overlooking the River Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral, Coq d’Argent offers a romantic rooftop setting with delectable French cuisine. Savor a gourmet meal and propose against the backdrop of twinkling city lights.

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