Photoshoots for couples and families all around the world with friendly photographers

Who is The Now Time

The Now Time was born from the 10+ years of experience of Fran Boloni photographing travelers in Paris. He noticed that through The Paris Photographer, not only he was creating images that his clients cherished dearly, but he was also touching people’s hearts by offering them an unforgettable experience in the City of Love.

The Now Time is the natural evolution of the same concept, to an international level. Our mission is to have teams of talented photographers in all the popular travel destinations. Your talent in photography will make a difference in people’s lives. Creating beautiful images of their trip and sharing with them tips about your city will make their trip magical. Plus, you’ll make some fun new friends.

One of our main goals is to be able to match clients with photographers, such as the client chooses you for who you are professionally and personality wise: style, experience, personality, vision, way of working. If you like the concept, please continue reading.

Couple having fun with macarons during a photo shoot with The Now Time


1. Transform your passion into revenue. Grow as a professional photographer.

Monetize your passion by creating beautiful images in your city. Grow as an artist and a professional photographer. Having more clients will give you freedom and fulfillment.

2. Work with fun clients from all around the world

The Now Time clients are fun and kind people, who enjoy traveling and spending time together. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

3. Learn from Fran – The Paris Photographer directly

Fran is doing in person and online workshops, when he shares the knowledge after photographing over 1000 couples in Paris and worldwide. Think of: expressing your artistic vision, using your photography gear to the max, how to communicate with clients to get the best energy, framing, composition, flattering light, posing tips, etc

4. Be part of The Now Time family of travel photographers

Being part of a local community of photographers (in your city) and a global community of artists allows you to learn and develop fast. Plus, having friends everywhere in the world is helpful when you travel yourself.

5. Build a Portfolio of Incredible Photos. Become a Complete Photographer

In time, working with such a diverse clientele, will allow you to build a complete portfolio that you can showcase proudly as a professional photographer.

Beautifully dressed couple posing for engagement photos


1. An easy going, fun personality and ease of communication

We are in the people business. If you like hanging out with people, talking, learning about them then you are in the right professional domain.

2. Passion for Photography

If you are constantly thinking, how can I create a great image and taking photos all the time, it means that you have a passion for photography. If you love creating beautiful photos of people, then you have great chances to become a The Now Time photographer.

3. Experience of photographing couples and families

Knowing how to take beautiful portraits and capturing nice family photos is a must before you apply to become a photographer at The Now Time. Having professional gear also helps. 2 years of experience in professional photography will be a must to aspire to a place in our team in your destination.

4. Modern style of photography

We would LOVE having different styles of photography in our teams. Whether it is timeless, fine art, candid, you name it. We wish to be able to cater to the needs of many clients and we know photography, style are subjective.

Building The Now Time Community of Photographers

We are growing very fast and we are constantly looking for talented professional photographers. It would be a pleasure to have you on board and build together a collective of photographers that are equally passionate about their craft as we are.

We are actively looking for photographers like you in: French Riviera, New York, Rome, Santorini and Dubai. The easiest way to apply for a photographer position in your city is to send Fran, our founder a message.