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Planning to surprise your girlfriend with an unforgettable proposal with the Tower Bridge in the background? Let’s start with the most important question, how much does it cost to propose at Tower Bridge? 

Now, if you only hire a photographer to capture the moment, count on $275 for an hour. If you wish to have a minimum romantic setup, expect around $495 with a London proposal planner. But planning isn’t just about money, it’s a bit more than that! Let us help you choose: the right spot around Tower Bridge, an expert London proposal photographer, a speech and if necessary, the right proposal planner. 

Tower Bridge Proposal captured by professional photographers The Now Time
Newly engaged couple celebrating their engagement at the Tower Bridge in London with a professional photo shoot

In this Tower Bridge proposal guide we’ve come up with tips and ideas to help you make her dream proposal come to reality. If you’d like to learn more about how to propose in the city, check out our complete London proposal guide.

That being said, wee highly recommend having a professional photographer to capture your Tower bridge proposal and have memories that you can cherish forever of this special moment.

First, think about what she likes. Does she enjoy big romantic actions, or quiet, private moments? It’s going to be important when deciding on the precise spot and time.


As you can see on the map above, the best spots to propose with the Tower Bridge in the background are on the South Bank at City Hall and Potters Fields Park and on the North Bank along the Tower Bridge Riverside Walkway

1. North Bank vs South Bank – Search for the Best Spot for a Tower Bridge Proposal

View over Tower Bridge from North Bank-2
Proposal spot at Tower Bridge, view from North Bank
Marriage proposal at Tower Bridge, viewed from the south bank
Marriage proposal at Tower Bridge, view from South Bank, City Hall

City Hall and Potters Fields Park: Located on the south bank of the Thames, with Tower  Bridge in the background, is one the best public spots to propose as it’s a mix of modern and romantic ambiance. The south bank of the Thames where you get a classic view of Tower Bridge, with the historic Tower of London in the background.

Couple celebrating their engagement at Tower Bridge with a professional photographer

Tower Bridge Riverside Walkway: This walkway is along the river, offering views of Tower Bridge from various angles as it’s a public path that goes along both sides of the river near Tower Bridge.

You know that, when choosing the right place to propose at Tower Bridge, ask the opinion of your photographer, as we will be able to give advice based on the time of the day, the time of the year.

Aerial view of the Tower Bridge and surrounding areas

But before we get into proposing in public or in private at Tower Bridge, let’s talk about timing.


You know, in love, as well as in a marriage proposal, timing is everything.

The Time of the Year

Obviously, traveling to London during the warm season is nicer and it allows you to get photos where your outfits are beautiful and summerish. It makes for really nice engagement photos. That being said, photos in the rain can be very romantic. The Tower Bridge is a background that doesn’t have much nature in it, so it doesn’t change during winter. In conclusion, the time of the year doesn’t matter that much for your London proposal.

The Time of the Day

To avoid crowds, early mornings are the ideal time of the day. At this time only few people are around, giving you more space and privacy. The photographer can use the right angles and timing at sunrise or around the “golden hour” before sunset, can offer you stunning shots to make it look like you’re alone. The light is also the best for photos at those times.

Proposal in London at Tower Bridge


Why Propose in Public at Tower Bridge in London?

Proposing in public makes it easy to hire a photographer as they can blend easily in with the crowd and take your pictures without her knowing. A public proposal gives you a special spot to remember and go back to for the rest of your life.

And above all, it makes the surprise real. Whether you’re having a picnic or just walking, your girlfriend won’t expect a proposal until you actually do it.

Man putting engagement ring on the hand of his fiancée

Proposing in Private at Tower Bridge

By choosing that you will not lose the personal connection between you two. With no distractions, you can speak from the heart and enjoy each other’s company without interference.

A bonus thing is that you have complete control over the setting and atmosphere. Every detail can match to your partner’s preferences, making the moment more special.

Tiffany & co diamond ring and box

Now, when it comes to private options, some good ideas are a Private Dining at The Shard, an Exclusive Boat Charter, a Luxury Hotel Suite, a Private Rooftop Terrace and the Tower Bridge walkway. For this, we recommend hiring a London proposal planner who can help you put everything together.


1. Private Dining at The Shard

Private Dining at The Shard: Book a private dining experience in one of The Shard’s restaurants. Some offer private rooms with amazing views of Tower Bridge. You can enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner and propose with the stunning view behind you.

Romantic night view from the The Shard’s restaurant

2. Private Gondola Ride

Private Gondola Ride: A unique experience you can offer to your girlfriend and enjoy the view of Tower Bridge in complete privacy is renting a private gondola and as you reach the bridge you can pop the question. Some companies offer private boat charters where it’s just you, your partner, and maybe a captain. 

3. Luxury Hotel Suite

Luxury Hotel Suite: Book a luxury hotel suite with a view. Look for suites that offer privacy and stunning views of Tower Bridge. You can set up a romantic atmosphere in the suite and propose with the iconic view right outside your window.

Chocolates and champagne for the best wedding proposal

4. Tower Bridge walkway

Tower Bridge walkway: A surprise proposal on the Tower Bridge walkway with a proposal planner offers you various packages to choose from. They are masters in organizing romantic evenings with candles, flowers, and champagne, creating a beautiful atmosphere for your proposal according to your demands. They take care of all the details, ensuring everything is set up perfectly for your special moment. 

In case you are still not convinced about the Tower Bridge as the ideal spot for your London marriage proposal, let us bring a few arguments in favor.


Tower Bridge is an iconic landmark of London, instantly recognizable and symbolizing the city’s charm and history. Its romantic atmosphere is unmatched, with the elegant architecture.

One of the perks of proposing at Tower Bridge is the surprise element it offers. Whether it’s a public or a private one, the beauty of the location makes the moment even more unexpected and unforgettable.

Tower Bridge’s photogenic setting ensures that the proposal will be beautifully captured in your engagement pictures, preserving the memory for years to come. In addition, it’s easy to get to, also, so your proposal plans will go smoothly.

Beautiful couple posing for engagement pictures at Tower Bridge
Newly engaged couple posing for London proposal photographer after she said YES


Having a photographer to capture your surprise proposal has many benefits and can make the experience truly unforgettable. The best part is the fact that you can totally focus on enjoying your moment, knowing that the photography is taken care of by a professional. 

We not only capture the moment perfectly but also help you plan every detail, ensuring everything is just right, from the perfect location to any props that can add something extra to your special day like a champagne toast.

London evening Photoshoot by Tower Bridge

From choosing the location to arranging special details, we always work closely with you to make your proposal vision a reality. Then when the day comes, our role is to discreetly capture the proposal and portraits of you both as fiancés. Later you will receive the best high-resolution edited  images, ready to download, creating lasting memories of this magical occasion.


We make everything simple for you. From choosing the right photographer, booking a date and time, helping you with poses and even sharing your London engagement photos with your family and friends. Indeed, we are a team of professional photographers based in London, available for proposal and engagement photoshoots.

unforgettable photos

how it works

Choose the portfolios of our artists and pick the one that you like the most. Select an hourly package, sign a contract and secure your spot. We’ll be in touch to plan everything in details to capture the most amazing engagement photos for you and your future fiancée.

Marriage proposal at Tower Bridge, viewed from the south bank

Tower Bridge Proposal Photography Packages

Our proposal photography packages vary depending on the option you choose. Our minimum package, starting at $275, includes 1 hour of photography coverage, in 1 main location and 25 edited images. We also offer additional packages with more extensive coverage and services tailored to your preferences. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more details! 

Do you have any other questions? Ask us in the comment section below, or better, for privacy reasons, write in the chat section. We would be delighted to help you plan your dream Tower bridge proposal in London.

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