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Couples Photoshoot – The Complete Guide for Modern Couples

What is a couples photoshoot? It’s a fabulous, fun-filled photo fiesta where two lovebirds get to strut their stuff in front of the camera! Often used to commemorate special milestones like engagements, anniversaries, honeymoons, pregnancies or just to freeze a sweet moment in time, couples photoshoots are all about celebrating the magic of love. It’s where the sparks fly and the romance gets a beautiful visual narrative. The result? Photos that you as a couple will cherish forever!

The complete guide for a successful couples photoshoot

We have been in the couples photography business since 2014 with The Paris Photographer. From our experience, as a couple, you can choose to do a couples photoshoot at any stage of your crazy-in-love journey. Maybe you’ve just said “yes!” and want to flaunt that shiny new ring. Or you’re about to say “I do” and want to immortalize the pre-wedding excitement. Are you perhaps planning your dream honeymoon? Anniversaries are another perfect time to showcase your enduring affection. Expecting a little bundle of joy? A maternity photoshoot can be a beautiful way to celebrate this new chapter. Remember, you don’t need a calendar event to justify a photoshoot. Any day you’re feeling the love is a good day to strike a pose!

1. Plan Your Couples Photoshoot to Perfection

If you are asking yourself: where to start with our couples photoshoot. The answer is: start with planning your couple photoshoot. This involves deciding on a theme or a style, then thinking of what to wear for the photos and then hiring a couples photographer. But one of the most important aspect, that is often overlooked in planning a romantic photoshoot is the timing.

Sunrise is the best time for couples photos in summer and winter alike

When is the Best Time to Take Couples Photos?

There are no real limitations of the time of the year to take couples portraits, other than it’s cold in winter. But even winter photos can be super romantic. Spring and autumn offer beautiful, colorful backdrops. Summer allows for beach or water-themed photoshoots, while winter can provide a snowy, romantic setting. It’s important to consider the weather and lighting conditions for the chosen season.

For pregnancy photos however, it is recommended to schedule a pregnancy photoshoot between the weeks 30 and 36. Later than that will make it difficult to move around and to hold infrequent stances without breaking a sweat.

As for the time of the day, sunrise and sunset offer the best available daylight for beautiful images on a sunny day. In many touristy places, professional photographers suggest to start at sunrise, to avoid the crowds.

Pregnancy photos in Paris

Couples Photoshoot Ideas

First things first, let’s talk about the theme or concept. It’s like the backbone of your photoshoot, giving it a story and vibe. Do you want to go all out romantic with a candlelit dinner or picnic setup? Or maybe you want to showcase your adventurous side with a mountaintop photoshoot? Perhaps you’re more of the fun, playful types and a carnival theme suits you? Whatever floats your boat, make sure it reflects your personalities and relationship. Remember, this is your love story being told, so make it as unique as you are!

Photo credit in order of appearance in the gallery above: Magnolia Rouge, Victoria Heer, The Paris Photographer, Jeff Brummet, Justine Hamilton.

What to Wear for Couples Photoshoot

Next up, the big question – what to wear for couples photoshoot? Now this isn’t just about looking good (which you definitely will!), but also about feeling comfortable and confident. And that starts with the right outfit. Whether you choose a flowing dress and suit, or jeans and a t-shirt, make sure it complements your theme and location. And of course, it should make you feel like a million bucks! Check out our complete guide about what to wear to a photoshoot for more specific tips.

Couple wearing yellow dress and dark suit posing for couples photos on a vespa in Paris, France
Photo by Jolie Dee

Matching Outfits Without Looking Too “Matchy”

Now, we know you’re a couple, but that doesn’t mean you need to look like twins! Here are a few tips to help you match outfits without going overboard:

With these tips in hand, you’re all set to rock your couples photoshoot! Happy posing!

Props or Accessories for Couples Photos

Using props during your couples photoshoot can add a touch of personalization and fun to your images. Props can range from sentimental items, like a love letter or a favorite book, to fun additions such as balloons or confetti. They can also help tell your story as a couple; for example, if you both love music, bring along a guitar or vintage records. Props can also help you interact more naturally with each other and ease any camera-shyness. However, ensure that the props do not overshadow the couple, the main subjects of the shoot. They should complement the theme and aesthetic of your photoshoot rather than distract from it.

Balloons photoshoot - fun couples photoshoot idea

Balloons can be a great prop for a couples photoshoot. They can add a playful and fun element to the images, and can also be used to incorporate color and whimsy into the shoot. However, it’s important to ensure that they match the overall theme and aesthetic of the photoshoot.

Choose the Perfect Location for your Couple Photo Shoot

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your couples photoshoot is choosing the location. The right location can set the perfect mood for your photos and reflect your unique personality as a couple.

Consider Your Personal Style and Preferences

Are you an outdoorsy couple that loves nature? Then consider having your photoshoot in a beautiful park or scenic beach. If you’re city dwellers at heart, an urban setting with impressive architecture might be more your speed. Or perhaps you’re homebodies who would be most comfortable having your photos taken at home. Or perhaps you love traveling and want to take photos in some of the most romantic destinations around the world.

Couples photoshoot in London by The Now Time

Think About the Aesthetics

Consider how the location will look in your photos. Look for a place with good natural lighting, interesting textures, and a beautiful backdrop. Remember that the location will contribute significantly to the overall look and feel of your photos.

Check for Permits and Restrictions

Even if this sounds boring when planning a fun couple photoshoot, before you settle on a location, make sure to check if there are any permits required or restrictions in place. Some public spaces may require you to book in advance or pay a fee. Ask your couples photographer, they usually have experience taking photos in various public or private locations and can guide you.

Visit the Location Ahead of Time

If possible, visit the location ahead of time. This will give you a chance to scout out the best spots for photos and get a feel for the lighting and surroundings.

Remember, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable and happy with the location. After all, these photos are all about celebrating your love!

Chic couple having a romantic kiss in one of the most beautiful locations for couples photos Paris

2. Couples Photoshoot Cost

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the moolah, the dough, the cost! Now, we won’t sugarcoat it, a couples photoshoot can be a bit of an investment. But hey, capturing your love story in all its glory? Priceless!

How much is a couples photoshoot in reality? What exactly goes into the cost such a photo shoot?

Photographers Fees

First up, the photographer’s fee. This can vary greatly depending on their expertise, reputation, and the length of the photoshoot. A newbie might charge less, while a seasoned pro could cost a pretty penny. But remember, you’re not just paying for their time. You’re paying for their eye for detail, their knack for capturing the perfect moment, and their ability to make you look like the stars you are!

Next, location costs. Some locations might be free, but others might require a permit or have a location fee. If you’re dreaming of a sunrise photoshoot on a private beach or in a fancy mansion, be prepared to shell out some extra cash. Same goes for the travel fees, for you and for your photographer. Unless you hire a local photographer.

Then, there’s the outfits. You might choose to use what you have in your closet, or you might decide to splurge on new outfits to match your theme. And don’t forget about the accessories! That being said, there are less expensive options such as renting a dress for your couples photoshoot.

Night pre wedding photography

Cost of Props

And last but not least, the props. Flowers, balloons, a vintage car, or even your beloved Fido – anything that adds a personal touch to your photoshoot might come with its own price tag.

But remember, while it’s good to have a budget in mind, don’t let the cost deter you. After all, these are memories you’re making, and they’re worth every penny!

3. Choosing the Right Couples Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for your couples photoshoot is a bit like finding the perfect pair of jeans. You want someone who makes you feel comfortable, highlights your best features, and, well, makes you look darn good! So, how do you find this magical creature? Follow our tips below!

Choose your couples photographer with your heart

What to Look for in a Couples Photographer?

First off, you want to look at their portfolio. Do you like their style? Does their work make you go “Wow, I want us to look like that!“? If the answer is a resounding yes, you’re on the right track.

Why is the personality of the photographer important?

Next, consider their personality. This is something that you can see on their social media accounts. If you are extrovert and a fun person, you might want someone who can make you laugh, put you at ease, and bring out the best in you. After all, a photoshoot should be fun, not a chore! However, if you are a shy person, an introvert, in that case you might prefer a more reserved photographer who doesn’t put up a show during your photo session. But a photographer who will make you feel comfortable and will not interfere much in how you and your partner connect.

Also, don’t forget to check out their photography reviews. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a good review is worth its weight in gold!

Couples photography packages - photographer fee, travel cost

Questions to Ask Potential Photographers or What to Look for in the Packages

Now that you’ve shortlisted a few potential photographers, it’s time to play 20 questions! Well, maybe not 20, but here are four important ones:

Remember, the right photographer will make your couples photoshoot a memorable experience. So take your time, do your homework, and get ready to strike a pose!

Couple posing for professional photos in London

4. Couples Photoshoot Poses

When it comes to posing for a photoshoot as a couple, the key is to create a sense of intimacy and connection, while also looking natural and relaxed. Here are some couples photoshoot poses tips on how to do just that:

Interact Naturally

Don’t be afraid to be yourselves! Laugh, talk, kiss, and hug. The best photos often come from these genuine moments.

A natural kiss of the hand is this couples being natural, being themselves

Use Your Surroundings

Lean against a wall, sit on a bench, or walk hand in hand. Using your surroundings can help you feel more comfortable and provide a variety of poses.

Couples photo poses tips - interact naturally and use your surroundings

Remember the Details

Small things, like the way you hold hands or the way you look at each other, can make a big difference in your photos.

Remember the details - couples photos poses

Now, let’s look at some popular and flattering couple poses:

The Forehead Touch

This is a classic pose that creates a sense of intimacy. Simply lean your foreheads against each other, close your eyes or look down, and let the magic happen!

The forehead touch - a fun and romantic couple photo pose

The “Leading You” Pose

One partner leads the other by the hand, inviting them into the shot. This creates a dynamic image and a sense of movement.

Couple photos poses - The leading you pose

The Hug from Behind

One partner stands behind the other and wraps their arms around them. It’s a cozy pose that also allows for interesting compositions.

Couple photos poses - the bug from behind

The “Look Back” Pose

While walking away from the camera, one partner looks back over their shoulder. This pose is playful and adds a sense of depth to the photo.

The “Lift and Spin” Pose

If you’re feeling adventurous, this pose involves one partner lifting the other off the ground and spinning them around. It’s a fun and dynamic pose that can bring a lot of energy to your photos.

Couples photo poses tips - interact naturally

Remember, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and at ease. Don’t be afraid to try different poses and see what works best for you as a couple. Your photographer will also guide you through the process and help you find couples poses that look natural and flattering.

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