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Couples Photography Tips For Great Images

As an experienced couples photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing many special moments. Couples photography, an increasingly popular genre, is all about documenting the love, warmth, and happiness between two individuals. Whether it’s for an engagement, anniversary, or just because, these photoshoots are a beautiful way of expressing your bond. The resulting images are not only a testament to your relationship, but also a keepsake that you can cherish for years to come.

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For photographers, mastering couples photography can expand your portfolio and client base. So, whether you’re a couple planning your photoshoot or a photographer aiming to enhance your skills, this article will provide valuable insights to ensure a successful and memorable photoshoot.

If you’d like to go straight for the tips, use the table of content below.

Why do Couples do a Photoshoot?

Couples choose to do a photoshoot for various reasons. For some, it’s a way to celebrate significant milestones such as engagements, anniversaries, or the arrival of a new baby. These photoshoots serve as a beautiful documentation of these important life events. For others, a couples photoshoot can simply be a fun and creative way to spend time together and create lasting memories. The resulting images capture the unique bond and love between the couple, providing them with a keepsake that they can cherish for years to come.

Couples do a photoshoot to remember that time of their lives

Couples Photography 101: Types of Photoshoots for Couples

Typically, couples photoshoots happen because couples celebrate a special moment in their lives as a couple:

Inspiration for different types of couples photos

Couples Photography Tip 1: How do You Plan a Couple Photoshoot

Proper planning and preparation form the backbone of a successful couples photoshoot. It’s not just about showing up and expecting the magic to happen. Investing time in preparation can make a huge difference in your comfort during the shoot and the quality of the final images.

As a couples photographer, send out a photoshoot brief to your couples with tips about what outfits to wear, what props to take along, based on the locations that you choose together with them.

Location is very important for amazing couples photos

Choosing the Location

The location you choose should be a reflection of your personalities and the story you want to tell. Think about places that are significant to your relationship or locations that simply appeal to your aesthetic preferences. It could be the park where you had your first date, your favorite coffee shop, or a stunning natural location like a beach or forest. Consider also the practical aspects such as accessibility, permission requirements, and the variety of backgrounds available for your photos.

Your couples photographer can guide you to choose the ideal location and starting time for your photo session. Often, the light in a certain location depends on the time of the day. From my experience of taking couples portraits in Paris, if my couples wanted to get those pictures with the breathtaking view of the Trocadéro, we always had to start at sunrise to get the best natural light and to avoid the crowds.

If you have a moodboard with couples photo ideas in a specific location, show it to your photographer so you can decide on the time of the day. The order of locations will this way determine the couples photoshoot itinerary.

Wake up early to avoid the crowds in touristy places

Avoiding the Crowds for Unique Couples Photography

Avoiding crowded places can make your photoshoot more intimate and stress-free. Here are some tips to help you avoid the crowds:

Choose a fabulous outfit that will make you look beautiful in your pictures

Deciding on Outfits for the Couples Photoshoot

What you wear on your couples photoshoot can greatly influence the outcome of your photos. Choose outfits that complement each other in style and color palette. You don’t have to match exactly, but your outfits should coordinate. Consider the location and season when deciding on your outfits. For instance, bright colors may look beautiful in a natural, outdoor location, while more neutral tones might be preferred for an urban or indoor shoot. Comfort is key, so make sure your outfits not only look good but also allow you to move freely. We have created a special guide to help you decide on what to wear to a photoshoot.

How do professional couples photographers dress?

A professional couples photographer dresses professionally and comfortably, keeping in mind the location and weather conditions. The clothing should allow you to move freely as you might need to bend, kneel, lay on the ground or move around to capture different angles and get that perfect shot.

Pink balloons are the perfect props for cute engagement photos

Couples Photography Tips Bonus: Choosing the Right Props

Props are not a must, but they can add an extra dimension to your couples photos. They can help to illustrate your story, reflect your personalities, or simply add some fun to the shoot. Props can be anything from a picnic blanket and a basket of fruits to a vintage car or a beloved pet. Remember, though, that props should enhance the photo and not distract from the couple who are the main focus. At The Paris Photographer, what my team and I love the most are balloons. They are simply fun, but they have to be within character.

Couples Photography Tip 2 : Practice Couples Poses

Posing for a photoshoot, especially as a couple, can feel a bit strange and unnatural at first. It’s not something we do in our everyday lives, and it’s completely normal to feel a bit awkward. However, the key to getting beautiful, natural-looking photos is to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. This is where practicing poses comes into play.

Practice poses for stunning images

Practice Poses for your Couples Photos

One of the best ways to overcome the initial awkwardness and nervousness is to practice posing before the actual photoshoot. This can be a fun and bonding experience for the couple. You can practice poses that you like from magazines or online sources, and try to recreate them together. The poses can range from simple ones like holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, or hugging, to more complex ones like dips, lifts, or even a romantic kiss.

Learn how to interact with each other naturally

Practicing poses will not only help you feel more confident and comfortable during the photoshoot but also enables you to discover what works best for you as a couple. It allows you to find your ‘good’ side, understand how to position your body to look flattering in photos, and most importantly, learn how to interact with each other naturally in front of the camera.

Remember, not every pose works for every couple. What might look great for one couple might feel uncomfortable or unnatural for another. The key is to find poses that feel natural and comfortable for both of you. This will translate into your photos, making them look candid and authentic.

The hug from behind, best pose for couples photos

Get good at getting into the pose fast

Another benefit of practicing poses is that it can save time during the actual photoshoot. Instead of figuring out what to do on the spot, you’ll already have a repertoire of poses that you’re comfortable with. This can make the photoshoot process smoother and more enjoyable, leaving more time to capture those perfect shots.

Finally, keep in mind that while practicing poses is beneficial, the best photos often come from unposed, spontaneous moments. So, while it’s good to have some poses in mind, also allow for those unplanned moments to unfold during the photoshoot. These candid moments often capture the true essence of your relationship and produce the most memorable images.

Epic couples photography

Couples Photographer – Connect with your Couple

Before the couples shoot, discuss the vision during the preparation, find out the couples expectations, and any concerns they might have. Building a friendly rapport and showing genuine interest in their story can also help the couple feel more at ease.

During the photoshoot, focus on guiding the couple through the poses, provide positive feedback, and encourage them to be themselves. It’s also helpful to keep the atmosphere light and fun, as this can help the couple relax and enjoy the experience.

Couples Photography Tip 3: How to Choose the Right Photographer

This is a huge topic in couples photography. Selecting the right photographer for your couples photos is a crucial decision. Not only does the photographer capture your memories, but they also play a significant role in shaping the experience of your photoshoot. Here are some tips to consider when choosing a couples photographer:

Choose the photographer based on his vision and style

Understanding Your Vision and Style

Every couple is unique, and so is their vision for their photoshoot. It’s important to choose a photographer who takes the time to understand your vision and can translate it into beautiful photographs. This includes understanding your preferred style, be it candid, classic, dramatic, or artistic. A great couples photographer should be able to work with you, understand your preferences, and advise you on how to best achieve your desired results.

Portfolio Review

Before settling on a photographer, it’s important to review their portfolio. This will give you a sense of their style and quality of work. Look for images that speak to you and check for consistency in quality across different shoots.

Coupes Photography Experience and Specialization

The experience of the photographer matters, especially with regard to couples photography. An experienced photographer will be able to guide you through the process, help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and ensure a smooth photoshoot. If they specialize in couples photography, even better. They will have a better understanding of how to capture the chemistry and interaction between couples.

Compatibility or Personality Type

You will be spending a good amount of time with your photographer during the shoot, so it’s important to choose someone you feel comfortable with. They should be able to put you at ease, make you laugh, and make you feel confident and relaxed.

Communication is important in couple photography


A good photographer will communicate clearly and effectively, answering any questions you might have and keeping you informed about the process. They should be receptive to your ideas, while also offering their own professional input.


Professionalism is key in a photographer. They should be organized, punctual, and respectful. They should also have a professional-grade camera and equipment to ensure high-quality results.

Reviews and Recommendations

Finally, consider reviews and recommendations from previous clients. This can provide insight into the photographer’s work ethic, personality, and ability to deliver quality results.

Remember, the best photographer for you is one who aligns with your vision, style, and expectations. Investing time in finding the right couples photographer can make your photoshoot a memorable experience and result in images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Creative couples photography at sunset

Bonus: Couples Photography Tips for Professional Photographers

In the following paragraphs we’ll cover topics such as: how to take pictures of couples, where to find couples, how much you should charge and even about camera settings.

How do you take pictures of couples?

We have an entire guide dedicated to how to take couples pictures. To summarize, there are a few key aspects to have in mind.

  1. Understand the Couple: Get to know the couple to understand their personalities, preferences, and the kind of photos they want.
  2. Plan the Couples Shoot: Choose a location and time that suits the couple’s style and the mood they want to convey. Plan the shoot details, including props, outfits, and poses.
  3. Connect with the Couple: Help the couple feel comfortable and guide them through the poses. Capture both posed and candid shots to depict their relationship authentically.
  4. Choose the Right Gear: Use a professional-grade camera and lenses suitable for portrait photography. The lenses that we use in couples photography are the ones that have a wide aperture (everything higher than 1.8).
  5. Editing: After the shoot, edit the photos to enhance their quality and provide a consistent look and feel. A look, that matches your vision of couples photography.
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How do I find couples to photograph?

The easiest way to find couples to photograph is on social media. Use your instagram or tiktok account to look for couples that are looking for a free photoshoot and offer your services.

How much should I charge for a couples photoshoot?

Pricing for a couples photoshoot can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as your experience level, the length of the shoot, the location, and the number of final edited photos that you deliver to the couple. If you haven’t done it yet, do a quick market research. Look at what are the average prices for couples photography packages. From there, adjust how much you charge based on your experience level and what exactly you’ll include in your packages. This engagement pricing guide can be really useful if you are starting out.

What camera settings are best for couples photography?

The most important setting for great couples photos is a wide as possible aperture. The rest, is not that important. Actually, the rest depends on your own personal style. Work on developing that. Plus, learn the basics of photography very fast, so you can focus on connecting with the couple. That connection is much more important to create stunning images, than the camera settings. Hope this helps 🙂

Night photography for creative engagement photos

Couples Photography Inspiration

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