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Romantic couples photos in London by Fernando 24

Romantic Couples Photos



Super Romantic Couple Photos in London

Welcome to this romantic couples photos gallery, expertly shot by our photographer, Fernando. Set in lovely London, this collection captures the sweet moments between the couple. Starting at Westminster Abbey with Big Ben in the background, the gallery captures the joy of the couples amidst these famous landmarks. As we move to Westminster Bridge, you’ll see images of couples sharing smiles and holding hands, their love story beautifully framed by the grand bridge.

The final stop is the London Eye, a modern icon of the city. The happiness and love between the couples, set against this incredible landmark, offer a captivating contrast. Each image in this gallery showcases Fernando’s ability to capture not just beautiful scenes, but the genuine connection of the couple. Come explore this gallery and join a journey of love set in London’s iconic landmarks.


  • LOCATION: Westminster Abbey, London Eye
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Fernando
  • SHOOT TYPE: Couples Photos
  • TIME OF DAY: Morning

I highly recommend it! We loved the photos and moments, it’s so worth it!


Romantic couples photos in London by Fernando 2


To have photos of your London trip
that are simply amazing.

Time flies so quickly and your relationship evolves fast. Let me capture those precious moments so that you can remember how good it felt being in love in London.

Romantic couples photos in London by Fernando 4