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Best friends in London by Fernando 8

Best Friends in London



Harry Potter Themed Best Friends in London

Welcome to this unique photo gallery, captured by our photographer, Fernando. This collection takes you on a magical journey through London with three best friends enjoying a Harry Potter themed photo session. The adventure starts at Westminster Abbey, against the backdrop of Big Ben. The girls, in Hogwarts scarves and hats, embody the spirit of the Harry Potter series. Their shared laughs and playful poses are evident in each photo.

Moving to the South Bank, the girls are immersed in their Harry Potter books, with the London Eye enhancing the magical essence of the photos. The journey ends in Piccadilly Circus, where they light sparklers, their delight mirrored in the city’s vibrant charm represented by red telephone boots. Explore this gallery to join a fresh journey of friendship, magic, and love for Harry Potter, all set against London’s iconic landmarks, masterfully captured by Fernando.


  • LOCATION: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, Red Telephone Booths
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Fernando
  • SHOOT TYPE: Harry Potter themed Portraits Sessions
  • TIME OF DAY: Morning
  • PROPS: Books, Scarfs, Hats and Sparkles

The best photographer we could choose in London, his work is wonderful! He has a lot of experience and he is a professional in what he does.


Best friends in London by Fernando 16


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Best friends in London by Fernando 9

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